In 2002, Mat Milizia landed his dream job working on the original World of Warcraft (WoW). As a 3D artist, Mat created thousands of props, concepts for zones, weapons, and painted zone tilesets. He later helped kick start the first expansion (The Burning Crusade) and his free time projects evolved into WoW’s first battle grounds, and the first armor sets that turned into tiered armor sets. Mat later joined Carbine Studios where he led the world, prop and rendering team and helped define the art style of Wildstar. He rejoined the team at Blizzard to work on Project Titan where he put his mark on the art foundation for the game now known as Overwatch. Mat eventually joined Riot Games, working on League of Legends, a game that was already consuming most of his free time.

At Riot, Mat led the environment team, handling the reworks for the map and select Champions before moving to the role of Art Director on one of Riot’s R&D projects. Now, following 15 years of working on massive games and projects, Mat joins former Blizzard colleagues as co-founder of Frostkeep Studios.

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