iKasperr - Counter Logic Gaming, Main Menu, Tiltify

iKasperr – Counter Logic Gaming, Main Menu, Tiltify

Daniel “iKasperr” Bong is a Twitch broadcaster, streamer for Counter Logic Gaming, Director/Manager of the broadcasting team Main Menu, and the Community Manager for the charity crowdfunding website Tiltify. After spending 6 years in college to obtain two separate bachelor degrees, Kasper used all of that hard-earned credibility for a whopping 9 months as an English teacher before pursuing his goal of becoming the next Starcraft 2 World Champion! …But after that dream faded (almost instantaneously), he started playing and broadcasting other games, which slowly led to his involvement with Twitch, Main Menu, and CLG.

His passion for video games is only rivaled by his passion for charity, which led to his community involvement with Tiltify, a website that enables content creators to fundraise for their favorite charities in an easy and efficient way. Gaming AND a passion for charity?! What next, you’re going to tell us he likes long walks on the beach? …Well he does.

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